Kids Duo International English Kindergarten Teacher

Job description

Yaruki Switch Group is currently looking for energetic and dedicated Native English Kindergarten teachers for our Kids Duo International schools!

Positions are available in the Greater Tokyo area (Tokyo, Kanagawa and Chiba) and Osaka Prefecture.

Kids Duo International: A New Approach to Education
Kids Duo International is a state-of-the-art bilingual kindergarten with a fully tailored curriculum of English, Japanese and Physical Education. Each day our instructors strive to provide a high level of educational programs, which ensure that our students are better equipped for years of schooling in the challenging Japanese educational system.

While Kids Duo International has a set curriculum, teachers are actively encouraged to grow and expand on these foundations to create truly unique and personalized lessons; allowing ample creative freedom to inject passion and enthusiasm into your class. No one day is the same at KDI, and you can expect to cover a broad variety of English subjects such as Reading & Writing, Numbers & Shapes, Phonics, Songs & Chants, Arts & Crafts, and Show & Tell, just to name a few. By giving our students such a wide variety of programs, we are actively engaging them and enabling them to learn through different mediums.

As a bilingual International School, our students also participate in a plethora of Japanese-language classes & activities as well. This includes Music, Vocational Roleplay, and our expansive Physical Education program, the aptly named (and student-favorite) “Ninja Class.” This new and revolutionary approach to physical education focuses on the biomechanics of human movement, developed by our pioneering sister-school Ninja Nine. Native English instructors accompany their students throughout all of these programs, and are encouraged to participate as well!

We would like our instructors to see themselves as the representatives of their respective countries and act accordingly in a fun and professional manner at all times. An instructor’s perspective: “Working for Kids Duo International is about making a difference in a child’s life and achieving your full potential as a constructive and creative instructor!”


Benefits & Compensation

  • Starting salary of ¥250,000/month
  • Teachers receive fully-paid comprehensive initial training, during which accommodation and transportation reimbursement can be provided if necessary
  • Usable and transferable experience & skills gained via regular teaching workshops held throughout the year
  • Company holidays which fall predominantly on the three main holidays in Japan (Golden Week, Obon, and New Years)
  • 10 paid vacation days a year (after 6 months of employment)
  • Work-related commuting costs reimbursed
  • Social Security & Health Insurance provided
  • Visa sponsorship 

* Some contract details may vary depending on location

Working Hours

  • Regular working hours are 8:30~17:30, Monday-Friday (occasional Special Events also held on weekends)
  • Teachers may be asked to work paid overtime in the mornings or evenings if able
  • Working shifts are 9 hours per day (8 working hours with a 1-hour lunch break)

Job requirements

We are looking for new teachers who:

  • Are Native English Speakers*
  • Have at least a 2-Year Associates Degree OR Valid Working Visa
  • Are independent and creatively minded, ready to innovate and adapt in any circumstance
  • Can be team-oriented, passionate, enthusiastic, and creative in your approach to teaching children
  • Have a strong sense of professionalism, and are self-motivated
  • Prior experience with children (teaching or otherwise) is preferred

*Our curriculum puts emphasis on pronunciation and phonics practice. While we of course welcome English speakers from a variety of countries with varying dialects and accents, we ask that you are able to effectively teach and express these concepts in a phonetically natural English environment. Only applicants that are able to meet the highest standards of fluency will be considered.